Are smaller wheels easier to ollie?

Smaller wheels accelerate faster compared to larger wheels which is great when you only have a short distance between you and an object you want to ollie stairs for example. You need to be able to get as much speed as possible in the least amount of time.

Are smaller wheels better for tricks?

Smaller wheels are better for tight turns and tricks. Wide skateboard wheels will give you a smoother ride but aren't conducive for performance riding. The perfect size for you might be based on personal preference. Your height and weight may also help determine what size feels best.

Can I ollie on big wheels?

Yes, you can ollie or do tricks, but cruisers and longboards aren't made for tricks. Cruisers and longboards are heavy and have big soft wheels. This makes them very bouncy and unstable when you land an ollie. Don't get me wrong, hopping a few curbs is easy on a cruiser, but on a longboard it's a different story.

Can you do ollies with soft wheels?

Hard wheels make a lot of noise and vibrate a lot, not to mention you'll have a hard time maintaining speed. If you're interested in learning how to ollie, do some stationary kickflips or basic beginner tricks? Go with harder skateboard wheels. Soft wheels aren't made for this.

Are 55mm wheels good for tricks?

As mentioned, most street and park wheels are between 50mm & 60mm. As a general rule you want a smaller wheel if you are going to be doing more technical street style tricks on a smoother surface. For going faster choose a bigger size.

Can you melt skateboard wheels?

Cores. Most quality wheels out there have a plastic core that the bearings sit in. The core spreads the heat through the wheel and stops the bearings (which get super hot at speed) melting the Urethane. It is VERY BAD when this happens – melting (or “puking”) a wheel can be very dangerous!

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Why does my skateboard feel slow?

Dirt and dust buildup and cause friction, resulting in a slower skateboard. Sometimes you don’t even notice how much dirty bearings slow down your skateboard until you cleaned them or even replace them entirely. What is this? While you don’t need top-notch skateboard bearings, quality bearings make a difference.

What is the softest skateboard wheel?

In skateboarding, and according to the Durometer A Scale, the wheel’s hardness is measured in durometers and ranges from 75A (softest) to 101A (hardest).

Are hard wheels faster?

Wheel Size and Hardness

Larger wheels accelerate slower but are better at maintaining speed. So for you cruisers out there, get large soft wheels between 60mm and 70mm and pick Durometer 78A to 92A.

Is it harder to ollie on a cruiser?

If a cruiser board has grip tape and a kicktail, then it can be ollied. However, cruiser boards are often much heavier than skateboards, have a higher center of gravity, and have softer wheels. All of these factors will make doing an ollie with a cruiser board more difficult.

Are soft wheels good for street skating?

We recommend choosing hard wheels for skate parks and street skating on ledges, rails, gaps and manual pads. Soft wheels are best for cruising, transportation and longboarding. Medium durometer wheels are great for beginners and for street skating on rough surfaces.

How do you clean skateboard wheels?

  1. Step 1: Secure Your Work Space. …
  2. Step 2: Remove the Wheels and Bearings. …
  3. Step 2B: Clean Bearings (Optional) …
  4. Step 3: Soak Your Wheels in Soapy Water. …
  5. Step 4: Wire Brush Away the Gunk. …
  6. Step 5: Drying Your Skateboard Wheels. …
  7. Step 6: Reassemble Your Wheels & Board.
  1. Step 1: Secure Your Work Space. …
  2. Step 2: Remove the Wheels and Bearings. …
  3. Step 2B: Clean Bearings (Optional) …
  4. Step 3: Soak Your Wheels in Soapy Water. …
  5. Step 4: Wire Brush Away the Gunk. …
  6. Step 5: Drying Your Skateboard Wheels. …
  7. Step 6: Reassemble Your Wheels & Board.

How do you fix sticky skateboard wheels?

Just poke them out with a paper clip. Then soak your bearings in acetone, nail-polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Spin them dry and make sure all the dust and dirt are out.

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What is a shock pad?

Shock pad is a type of underlay that is often used as a base for artificial grass in schools and nurseries. Made out of fused together polyethylene pieces, Shock pad is a fall cushioning substrate. It has a spongy but firm feel which makes it perfect for use as an outdoor safety surface.

How do you clean skateboard bearings?

Acetone, isopropyl alcohol and mineral spirits are all good options. When using solvents, wear gloves and avoid contact with your skin. Use a dish or wide-mouthed bottle as a container to soak the bearings for several minutes, occasionally swirling the bearings around in the cleaner.

Are plastic skateboard wheels good?

The Skateboard’s Wheels

Skateboard wheels should be made of urethane, not plastic or rubber. Plastic wheels won’t grip the ground, and you will slide out of control. Rubber wheels will rip apart.

Can you ride a cruiser at a skatepark?

Many cruiser decks have a directional shape that resembles old-school skateboards, with the nose truncated, making it more aerodynamic for cruising. Because most cruiser skateboards have a kicktail and are not significantly larger than a regular trick skateboard, it is possible to ride a cruiser at a skatepark.

What is the hardest trick in skateboarding?

Laser Flip

The laser flip is probably the hardest flat ground trick to land. It combines a 360 shuv with a varial heelflip. A 360 shuv is when you flick your back foot down and back to make the board spin 360 degrees in the air with no other flips. A varial heelflip is a heelflip combined with a front shuv.

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How long do skateboard wheels last?

In general, the average lifespan of ordinary skateboard wheels is about 3 months. That said, it may be impossible for us to determine the exact lifespan of a new skateboard wheel because there are factors to consider. Some wheels wear out faster while others last a little longer.

Are Sharkwheels worth?

As for grip on the road, Shark wheels have an exceptional grip on surfaces, even in wet conditions. You will feel minimal, if any slippage at all while you speed through parking lots, sidewalks, and just about any other hard, even-ish ground surface. Now, these wheels have only a couple shortcomings.

Who invented the Shark Wheel?

David Patrick

Inventor of the Shark Wheel and the 4 Sphere turbine, David is on his third startup company. David previously was the founder of Proventedge Technologies, a California software company focused on the mortgage banking industry.

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