Can I cancel OnStar at any time?

You may cancel at any time by pushing your blue OnStar button or by calling 1.888. 4ONSTAR (1.888. 466.7827).

Is OnStar worth having?

OnStar is a useful service for any vehicle and any lifestyle. With so many helpful features, it's just another way to make your life easier and provide extra peace of mind.

Can I get a refund from OnStar?

Members who are eligible for a refund and request service cancellation will receive a prorated refund for charges made within the previous 30 days. Hands-Free Calling minute purchases are nonrefundable. If you no longer have possession of the vehicle with your active OnStar service plan, please call 1.888.

How do you deactivate OnStar?

Ask OnStar Customer Service to cancel your subscription. If you want to stop using OnStar, dial 1-888-4-ONSTAR (1-888-466-7827), or press the blue button on your OnStar system to contact Customer Service. The agent you speak with will be able to guide you through the process of canceling your service.

Can I use OnStar without a subscription?

Yes, Onstar can locate your car without a subscription. However, you will need to contact their customer service department and provide them with information about your vehicles, such as the make, model, and license plate number. Once they have this information, they will be able to use their GPS to locate your car.

Will OnStar change a tire?

OnStar Services

OnStar can arrange for help*13 if you need an emergency tow, a flat tire changed, a jump start or fuel delivered. Advisors will work to get you the help you need when you need it. Drive with added confidence.

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Can OnStar track a stolen car if not activated?

If your car is stolen and you have Onstar, they may be able to track it for you even if your Onstar subscription is not active. Onstar uses GPS technology to track the location of its subscribers’ vehicles, so as long as the stolen car has power and is in range of a cellular signal, Onstar should be able to track it.

Is OnStar going away in the US?

In September 2021, GM notified owners of certain pre-2015 model-year vehicles in the United States that their factory-installed OnStar equipment will become obsolete and non-functional after December 2022.

Why is OnStar charging me?

Dear OnStar users: Please be aware that if you purchased a new vehicle that came with OnStar services, you credit card will be charged an automatic monthly renewal fee after the subscription expires….but only if they have your credit/bank card number on file.

Does OnStar drain your battery?

OnStar must communicate periodically with the vehicles but the system should go into a sleep mode when not being used. If the sleep mode fails to function, then OnStar is enough to pull a battery down over a period of time.

Can OnStar see inside your car?

OnStar can’t eavesdrop

Worried that OnStar can listen in to conversations in your vehicle whenever they like? Don’t, because they can’t. The only time they’ll hear what’s going on in the car is if they’re in contact with you.

Will OnStar call 911?

Pushing the button connects you to a specially trained OnStar Advisor who is certified to provide EMD assistance. They will also contact emergency service providers like dialing 911 would. These EMD-certified OnStar Emergency Advisors can pinpoint your location and offer critical assistance until help arrives.

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Can OnStar shut down your car?

Remote Ignition Block: After a member has filed a police report, OnStar can send a remote signal that blocks the vehicle’s engine from being restarted once it’s turned off.

Does OnStar cover dead battery?

It’s something that inevitably happens to every driver, whether it’s a flat tire, dead battery or some other issue. But don’t worry: If you have OnStar, all you need to do is push your blue OnStar button to request Roadside Assistance*17 from an OnStar Advisor, who will contact a local service provider to send help.

Is towing free with OnStar?

You’re going to have to pay for the tow with OnStar. However, if you have a car insurance policy with towing and labor coverage, your insurance company will reimburse you.

Why is OnStar light red?

Red — This signals that your OnStar TTY Interface Module may not be functioning properly. Push the OnStar button to attempt to contact an OnStar Advisor. If the connection is made, the Advisor will assist you to make sure your OnStar system functions properly.

Can OnStar hear your conversations?

It’s illegal for people to intercept wireless telephone calls, but some people do it. Be cautious of what information you disclose on any wireless telephone call. Can OnStar hear what’s going on in my vehicle? Our advisors cannot listen to anything going on in your vehicle without you knowing it.

What does a red OnStar light mean?

Red — This signals that your OnStar TTY Interface Module may not be functioning properly. Push the OnStar button to attempt to contact an OnStar Advisor. If the connection is made, the Advisor will assist you to make sure your OnStar system functions properly.

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Will 3G shutdown affect cars?

3G Wireless Network Shutdown Means Your Car May Lose Automatic Crash Notification. As wireless carriers shut down their 3G networks over the coming months, millions of cars are losing the ability to automatically contact first responders after a crash.

Can OnStar track my car if not activated?

You can still track your car even if your Onstar trackers are not activated. Onstar relies on GPS, so even if your car isn’t activated, Onstar may still be able to track your car. Onstar won’t stop locating your car unless you ask yourself to remove the tracking service.

What do I lose if I cancel OnStar?

If you let your service plan expire or choose to cancel it, your OnStar system will be deactivated. All services — including Automatic Crash Response and Emergency Services — will be shut off. Your vehicle won’t be able to connect with us for help, even in a crash.

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