Can I give Jee if I failed in class 12?

If you have passed 12thclass or equivalent exam in2019 or2020than you can apply for jee advance . If you have completed in 2018 than you are not eligible. You can only apear for jee advance if you clear the jee mains in 2021. If you crose the cutoff in jee mains than only you are eligible for jee advance .

Is Jee based on luck?


What if I cant pass jee?

University level engineering entrance exams – If a candidate has not qualified the JEE Main 2020 exam, he or she can opt for state level or university level entrance exams. There are many private universities that conduct their own entrance exam for admission into the B.

Is 2nd drop possible in JEE?

Hi Anku, yes many people take 2nd drop for jee mains.

Why most of the students fail in JEE mains?

High Headedness and Distractions:

Feeling of achievement after cracking JEE Advanced has often been stated as the reason behind backlogs and students failing in IITs. In their elation after making it to the IITs, students forget to work hard in order to thrive throughout their course. Many of these often fail in exams.

Is JEE a rat race?

It depends on how you define it. For someone it might be a rat race, while it could be a career defining exam for the other.

Can I crack JEE by guessing?

One cannot just do blind guesswork and crack the exam. Candidates need to remember that it is a highly technical test and has to be dealt with tactfully and intelligently. In order to do so, one should have proper knowledge of JEE Main Examination pattern.

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Why is IIT so hard?

There are numerous reasons why IIT JEE is the toughest exam in the world. The syllabus is enormous – spanning three subjects and almost 4 years of study material. The question paper pattern is totally unpredictable and cut-offs are reaching dizzying heights.

Which exam is easier JEE or NEET?

It’s tough to compare the two examinations. As per the students who cleared JEE and NEET both, JEE is a bit tougher than NEET, paper-wise. However, the large competition in NEET makes it difficult to secure admission in a good medical college.

Is JEE waste of time?

Work hard, clear exams, and experience the quality of the top education institutes. The IIT or Medical preparation is definitely not the waste of time and energy.

What should I do if I can’t crack JEE?

If you were unable to crack JEE main, then don’t lose hope. There are plenty of options to get you placed in a decent engineering college. You can appear for State Level Engineering Entrance Exams like WBJEE, AP EAMCET, UPSEE, ONJEE, VITEEE, MET, SRMJEEE, and BITS Pilani.

What happens if you fail in IIT?

If you are unable to pass the course in one go, then a re-major exam is conducted at the end of the semester, if you are close to total passing marks. If you fail in that exam too, then you have to repeat the entire course.

Can a failure crack IIT?

IIT JEE is considered as one of the toughest entrance exams in India. A question that comes in mind of many students who want to clear JEE is – “Can a weak or below average student crack the JEE exam?” The answer of the question is a big YES.

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Is IIT fun?

IIT gives you great exposure to various extracurricular activities and an opportunity to explore the unknown. With lots of activities within the campus, sometimes, students keep playing their favourite sport way past midnight.

Is life at IIT stressful?

Reality: There is a lot of stress in life for IITians (both academic and non-academic). Expectation: Once you graduate from IITs, you will surely get high packages. Reality: Only few IITians get high packages. If you are not exceptional, you might have to start with packages less than 10 lpa.


Answer. JEE Main 2020 exam pattern has been changed. Paper 1 will comprise of multiple choice questions and numerical questions. Out of the 25 questions (in each subject), 20 questions will be objective type and 5 Numerical questions with numerical value as answer.

Can I give JEE without maths?

Sorry to tell you but you are not eligible for JEE mains and advanced exam or any other Engineering exam without passing class 12 with mathematics.

Is Harvard easier than IIT?

While some believe that to get admission in MIT and Harvard are tougher than IIT but some think just the opposite. Admission criteria: In a juxtaposition between IIT vs MIT vs Stanford vs Harvard, the main focus of IITs is on the ranks secured by applicants in the entrance exam.

Which is better IIT or doctor?

One can never say that IIT is better, nor that Medical is better. It depends on the person who studies and practices it. The thing is that if you have interest in Medical, you can choose it. If interest is in IIT, choose that.

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Is IIT tough or NEET?

For engineering aspirants, IIT JEE is the entrance exam for getting admission in top engineering colleges. For medical aspirants, NEET is the common medical entrance test. It’s tough to compare the two examinations. As per the students who cleared JEE and NEET both, JEE is a bit tougher than NEET, paper-wise.

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