Where did the phrase peter out come from?

Etymology. 1846 US miners’ slang, from 1812 peter (“to become exhausted”). Various speculative etymologies have been suggested, either from St. Peter (from the sense of “rock”), French péter (“to fart”), or saltpeter (ingredient in gunpowder, hence used in mining).

What does the phrase peter out mean?

Definition of peter out

informal. : to gradually become smaller, weaker, or less before stopping or ending Their romantic relationship petered out after the summer.

What is another word for peter out?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for peter-out, like: dwindle, taper-off, miscarry, fail, grow, fizzle-out, increase, develop, poop out, run down and run out.

How do you use peter out?

How to use Petered-out in a sentence. This rain spread into the Midlands and East Anglia during the morning, then gradually petered out. However, the passage eventually petered out in a narrow rift. The investigation had finally petered out with no results.

How do you spell peter out?

PETER OUT | meaning, definition in Cambridge English Dictionary.

Is Peter A Scrabble word?

PETER is a valid scrabble word.

What is ebb slowly?

to flow back or away, as the water of a tide (opposed to flow). to decline or decay; fade away: His life is gradually ebbing.

Why does Peter mean safe?

Peter is slang for ‘safe’, as in money box. The origin of the word is unclear. Some sources say it comes from the same root as the Biblical St Peter – the Greek word for rock Petra, since safes are supposed to rock solid.

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What is taper off?

Diminish or lessen gradually, end by degrees, as in The storm finally tapered off. [

Is Xi a Scrabble word?

Yes, xi is a valid Scrabble word.

Is PE a valid Scrabble word?

Yes, pe is a valid Scrabble word.

What does EB mean in text?

Summary of Key Points. “Eyeball” is the most common definition for EB on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. EB. Definition: Eyeball.

Is EB a word?

EB is not a valid scrabble word.

What is Peter Short for?

Definition. PETER. Point Evidence Technique Explain Reader.

Why is a watch called a kettle?

When pocket watches first became fashionable, they were held against the body by use of a small chain. The watch then slipped into the pocket and could be easily extracted without dropping it. These were called fob watches, and it’s from this expression that we get Kettle and Hob for watch.

What is the opposite of taper off?

Near Antonyms for taper off. appear, emerge, show up.

What is a running taper?

Tapering begins immediately upon completing your last long training run, which is usually between 20 and 23 miles. Tapering means reducing the volume of your weekly training mileage during the final two to four weeks leading up to the marathon.

Is Peter a Irish name?

Peter is a common masculine given name. It is derived from Greek Πέτρος, Petros (an invented, masculine form of Greek petra, the word for “rock” or “stone”), which itself was a translation of Aramaic Kefa (“stone, rock”), the new name Jesus gave to apostle Simon Bar-Jona. An Old English variant is Piers.

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Is Za a real word?

ZA (often styled in print as ‘za) is a slang shortening of the word pizza. You may be surprised at the slang found on the tournament SCRABBLE board: BRO, HOMEY, and YO are all accepted words.

Is ow a real word?

Definition of ow

used especially to express sudden pain Ow! That hurts!

Is Za a Scrabble word?

ZA is the most played word containing the letter Z (and the only playable two-letter word with the letter Z) in tournament SCRABBLE play. Incidentally, . za is the country code for South Africa (Zuid-Afrika is Dutch for “South Africa”), but abbreviations and codes are not acceptable on the SCRABBLE board.

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