Who destroyed shield?

In The Avengers #215–216, the Molecule Man used his total control over matter to disintegrate the shield, along with Thor’s hammer, Iron Man’s armor, and the Silver Surfer’s board.

What happened to S.H.I.E.L.D. in Marvel?

After Rogers discovered S.H.I.E.L.D. had been infiltrated by Hydra in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, S.H.I.E.L.D. was officially dissolved and branded as a terrorist organization.

Who destroyed the world Agents of Shield?

Quake became known as the “Destroyer of Worlds” and the name of Talbot got lost in history and was never mentioned as a possible culprit. Even Deke Shaw, who claimed to be the one who knew history best, was persuaded that Quake had cracked the world apart. In order to ensure their safety, the surviving S.H.I.E.L.D.

Who is the strongest in Avengers?

The Most Powerful Avengers In the MCU, Ranked
  1. The Scarlet Witch.
  2. Doctor Strange. …
  3. Ant-Man. …
  4. Captain Marvel. …
  5. Thor. Image via Marvel Studios. …
  6. Shang-Chi. Image via Disney. …
  7. Hulk. Image via Marvel Studios. …

How did Nick Fury lose his eye?

In the comic Fury loses his eye in a Nazi grenade blast. But in the MCU, Fury is sensitive about the subject of his eye and doesn’t want to talk about why he wears an eyepatch. It was revealed in Captain Marvel that he lost his eye when Goose scratched him.

Who is the real destroyer of Worlds?

Dormammu – An incredibly powerful being dwelling in the Dark Dimension and also known as the Destroyer of Worlds.

Did Earth get destroyed in Eternals?

In the film we learn from Arishem The Judge that Celestials are born from seeds planted inside a planets core that gestate until the population reaches critical mass – causing the celestial to emerge. Note that the emergence completely destroys the planet in the process.

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WHO lifted Thor’s hammer?

We bring you five Marvel characters who lifted Mjolnir. Thor’s hammer—per the inscription—can only be wielded by a worthy “he” or a man. However, several women have lifted Thor’s hammer, including Black Widow, Jane Foster, X-Men’s Storm, and DC’s Wonder Woman.

Who is the fastest avenger?

The 8 Fastest Avengers, Ranked
  • 5 Blue Marvel Can Fly Fast Enough To Escape The Earth’s Atmosphere.
  • 6 Quicksilver Can Move At Speeds In Excess Of Mach Four & Five. …
  • 7 Speed Can Run At Around Mach One. …
  • 8 3-D Man Is Capable of Running Over 100 Miles Per Hour. …

Is Captain Marvel immortal?

“In future stories, well, none of the Marvel characters are immortal. Even ones that seem immortal, some people might be very hard to kill, but nobody’s unkillable.

Is Captain Marvel stronger than Thor?

Both the comics and movies portray different versions of Thor and Captain Marvel. Movie Captain Marvel will dominate movie Thor, but it’s the other way around for the Marvel comics because Thor is obviously stronger.

Who said I am become death?

The story of Oppenheimer’s infamous quote. As he witnessed the first detonation of a nuclear weapon on July 16, 1945, a piece of Hindu scripture ran through the mind of Robert Oppenheimer: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”.

Why I am become death?

I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita: Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and, to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, ‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.

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Why did Tiamut help the Eternals?

Once Sersi (Gemma Chan) took over the team’s leadership after Ajak’s (Salma Hayek) death, she discovered that they were sent to Earth to prepare it for the birth of another Celestial, Tiamut, whose seed was planted in the center of the planet, and it needed a certain amount of energy from sentient lifeforms to grow, …

What does Sersi turn Tiamut into?

Former Powers

After connecting with the cosmic energy and mind of the other Eternals, Sersi’s powers was increased to the point she was able to transform Tiamut the Communicator, an all-powerful Celestial, into stone. Later, she also transformed Sprite into a normal human with the remaining Uni-Mind energy.

Can Loki lift Mjolnir?

Yes, Loki was able to lift Thor’s hammer in the comics. Loki lifted the hammer at a time before Odin put an enchantment on it, when it is, technically, just a plain hammer and nothing magical yet. It was in the MCU as well in the first Thor movie, in a deleted scene.

Who is the smartest Avenger?

It’s not hard to see that among all the Avengers, T’Challa is the smartest one.

Who is the smartest superhero?

Harvard or Columbia? The Top 10 Smartest Superheroes In Comics
  • Mr.
  • Batman. …
  • Iron Man. …
  • Oracle. …
  • The Atom. …
  • Hank Pym. …
  • Beast. It should come as no surprise that Beast makes this smartest superheroes in comics list. …
  • Amadeus Cho. At the tender age of 15, Amadeus Cho entered an academic competition for gifted youngsters. …
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Can Thor take a bullet?

However, there are few instances in the Marvel comics where Thor has taken hits from bullets (and full-on military ordinances) and survived. Sometimes it puts him out for a bit and gives him an artful action-movie-hero bleeding cut — but that qualifies as, for all intents and purposes, bulletproof.

Who can beat Scarlet Witch?

Martian Manhunter’s powers make him one of the Justice League’s most potent members. It’s that mix of abilities that will help Martian Manhunter beat Scarlet Witch. Not only is he a physical powerhouse on par with Superman, but his shapeshifting, invisibility, intangibility, and telepathy make him even more versatile.

Who defeated Thor?

Beta Ray Bill, a warrior alien, bests Thor in battle one time. As a reward for his strength, Odin creates a new hammer known as Stormbreaker for Bill.